The modelling language MODELICA and the corresponding development environment are a solid foundation for the task.


The open-source software OpenModelica guarantees the inclusion of a strong software network, which aims at a permanent spreading and promotion of innovative approaches and methods via mutual qualification and advanced training activities. OpenModelica is applied in numerous other fields of multi-physical simulations. The methods developed for HPC-parallelization and coupling can be implemented in the generic OpenModelica-code. Consequently, the findings can be used immediately and by a large community.


The development of algorithms for the creation of models and HPC-enabled code generation is of great interest for other companies developing and using simulation software. There is an increasing demand for simulation systems, existing on the market, to be applied to Many-Core-systems. The participation in the project and the application of the acquired findings to modelling as well as the software-draft of HPC-based simulation software will play an integral part in the increase of efficiency of simulation software.


The ability to optimize components and machine elements within the context of the whole system will be - combined with the profound knowledge of systems and components - a unique characteristic of machine manufacturers. In current developmental processes, machine systems and complex components are each being optimized independently and iteratively. A combined model of a highly complex component within its surrounding context, on the other hand, allows for an integral optimization of machine and component parameters. Such a deterministic method has two advantages. Firstly, it renders the ideal adaption of the component to the required functions possible, and secondly, it facilitates a sustainable functional differentiation with respect to the competition.