There is a tutorial holding background information an the task-graph-based parallelisation of Modelica simulations using the HPCOM-module of OpenModelica.

Project Related Publications

Parallelization of Modelica Models
- M.Walther, V.Waurich; OpenModelica Workshop 2014


Splitting Algebraic Loops for Improved Performance and Parallelization
-  V.Waurich, J.Frenkel; OpenModelica Workshop 2014


Equation Based Parallelization of Modelica Models
- M.Walther, V.Waurich, C.Schubert, I.Gubsch; Modelica Conference 2014


Reshuffling: A Symbolic Pre-processing Algorithm for Improved Robustness, Performance and Parallelization for the Simulation of Differential Algebraic Equations
- Volker Waurich, Ines Gubsch, Christian Schubert, and Marcus Walther, EOOLT 2014

Performance Analysis of Equation Based Simulations
- M.Walther, M.Flehmig, U.Markwardt, N.Worschech, V.Waurich, C.Schubert, EOOLT 2014


Vergleich und Analyse von Zeitintegratoren und Indexreduktionstechniken für DAEs
- P. Schulz, J. Wensch 2014


Exploiting Repeated Structures and Vectorization in Modelica
-  J.Schuchart, V.Waurich, M.Flehmig, M.Walther, W.Nagel, I.Gubsch, Modelica Conference 2015


Model-based control with FMI and a C++ runtime for Modelica
-  R.Franke, M.Walther, N.Worschech, W.Braun, B.Bachmann, Modelica Conference 2015


Automatisierte, parallele Simulation von Modelica -Modellen am Beispiel des

-  V.Waurich, Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen an der Fachhochschule Stralsund 2015


Generische Visualisierung von FMU-basierten Modellen für die interaktive Simulation
-  V.Waurich, Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen an der Fachhochschule Lippstadt 2016