HPC-Openmodelica for Multiscale Simulations of Techninal Systems and Applications for the Development of Energy-Efficient Working Machinery

The aim of our research project is the application-oriented development of innovative algorithms and an HPC-software for the performance of multiscale machine simulations. The project is part of the OpenModelica program.

The central idea of this project is to use mathematic as well as syntactic context information, taken from sub models, for the development of a total system. This could then be simulated with high parallel efficiency despite its multiscale phenomena.



Parallel Algorithmic Differentiation in OpenModelica for Energy-Related Simulations and Optimizations (May 2016 - Apr. 2019)

The project PARADOM aims to provide modern mathematic methods which rely on exact derivatives and to develop associated parallel algorithms for the efficient simulation and optimization of complex energy-related facilities with OpenModelica with respect to HPC-systems. The developed methods and the extensions to the OpenModelica Compiler will be made open-source. This will significantly improve the usability and attractiveness of HPC-systems for energy-related simulations.

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A Short Instruction on Parallel Simulation with OpenModelica

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